Marine Industry Waterproofing

Marine Industry Waterproofing

✓ Boat Surfaces
• Engine rooms
• Storage rooms
• outside/inside walk and work areas
• Ferry loading car /truck areas
✓ Marina
• Indoor spaces
• Outdoor spaces
✓ Foreshore Breakwater Structures
• Tetra Pod
• X bloc
• Mole
• Artificial Reef
• Seawall
• Kolos 

2016-06-23_Marine_Aplications_SealTuffThe coating solution for the Marine Industries Sealtuff is highly beneficial to the marine industry as our coating solutions helps to increase the lifespan of your marine or boating equipment and is environmentally friendly. Sealtuff can be coloured during the preparation/mixing process with pigment colours or latex co/ours for cement. If you want a shiny or glossy finish you can also use a cement sealer after Sealtuff is applied. We also have Sealtuff WHITE as a ready mix for immediate use.
For large surfaces we recommend to use a spray gun, for small surfaces you can use a roller or brush. Surfaces using Sealtuff as a coating solution can be textured by using a trowel or textured roller.
The Sealtuff benefits for the Marine Industries are mainly that our cost effective product is 100% waterproof, reflects heat (additional R-rating, less energy consumption), reduces noise, hardens the existing surfaces (impressive adherence properties verified by certified pull strength tests on various materials applied including plywood, steel, concrete and compressed slabs and is wind & hail proof. Due to its extreme flexibility – Surfaces and doors can be applied with Sealtuff. Our product has been successfully tested in harsh environments and extreme conditions.

Sealtuff can be applied on cleaned rust. It protects metal surfaces from further oxidation for years to come. Its anti-slip and 100% waterproof capability and its heat reflection makes

Sealtuff the ideal coating solution.

Sealtuff can be applied on landing stages made of e.g. concrete/stone, wood and metal.In addition to its 100% waterproof properties, additional key benefits of our product are its anti-slip properties, heat reflection and surface protection.







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