Concrete Repair Mortars

Maxrest – Structural Repair Mortar


Description: MAXREST is a one-component structural repair mortar, made of special cements, additives and selected aggregates, which provides a thixotropic product with quick-setting that does not shrink. It firmly adheres to the surface which it is applied on, and restores concrete to its original condition.

maxrest structural repair mortar

  • For general repair and restoration work on structural concrete. Repairs honeycombs, cracks and fissures.
  • Patching and protective covering of superficial reinforcing rods affected by corrosion.
  • To repair lintels, raincaps, water tanks and to restore architectural concrete permanently exposed to climatic conditions.
  • Sealing of construction joints prior to waterproofing works in tanks, swimming pools, basements, etc.
  • For restoration of lines and shapes of damaged pre-fabricated concrete elements.

Maxrest Structural Repair Mortar


A Two Component Restoration Mortar For Restoration

Of Industrial Concrete Paving In Minimum Thickness.


The product is made up of two components: a cement base with special aggregate and a liquid resin. These are mixed together to form an advanced mortar for repairs to floors, ramps, steps etc… It has strong adhesion, is resistant to abrasions and is non slip.

UsesMaxpatch Repair Mortar

  • For restoration of industrial roads.
  • To patch eroded concrete floors or to raise height.
  • For non-slip ramp constructions, it is resistant to traffic wear.
  • To repair concrete steps and stairs.



  • Non slip.
  • From 5 mm. to 25 mm., thickness increase can be made.
  • Can be used for filling voids or holes in floors.
  • Quick setting: within 24-48 hours.
  • Can be painted when dry or coloured by the addition of dye during mixing.
  • Highly resistant to industrial acids and other pollutants.

Maxpatch Concrete Repair Mortar

Maxrite700 Fiber- Reinforced Restoration Mortar

maxrite700 before MAXRITE 700 is a single component, cement-based, microsilica and polymer-modified, fibre-reinforced restoration mortar with corrosion inhibitors. It is specially designed for high performance structural concrete repair exposed to an aggressive environmental ambient and provides an additional protection of the steel reinforcements. Its long open time and thixotropy allow the repair of new and old concrete in a simple way, without the need for using any form work, applied manually or by mechanical means. Application fields

  • Maintenance of industrial areas damaged by aggressive environment, acid rain, atmospheric pollution, etc.
  • Structural concrete repair affected by corrosion of reinforcements in marine environment, bridges, harbours, dams, etc
  • Repair of concrete structures with carbonation process.
  • Repair of damaged concrete by deicing-salts, freeze/thaw cycles, mechanical impacts, etc.
  • Concrete repair affected by repeated loads.
  • Repair of pre-fabricated concrete elements.

Maxrite700 Fiber Reinforced Restoration Mortar

Watmat Quick Setting Levelling Mortar

For Levelling Manhole Covers And For Repairs For Immediate Use.

WATMAT is a quick setting mortar, factory mixed with special cements, silica and additives. It is ready for use for levelling newly constructed manholes and urgent repairs to factory floors. Watmat Application


  • For emergency repairs and resetting manhole covers on streets, public roads and concrete factory floors.
  • Traffic can pass over the repair within two hours of application.
  • Just mix with water.
  • The addition of MAXCRYL to the mixing liquid produces an even stronger mixture.
  • It adheres well to the substrate and its grey colour blends in with the concrete.
  • It is non-toxic and odourless which makes WATMAT an ideal product for areas with poor ventilation.
  • Waterproof. Very low water absorption.

Watmat Quick Setting Levelling Mortar