Watmat- Seal Manhole covers

Drizoro Watmat

Watmat Quick Setting Mortar For Levelling Manhole Covers And For Repairs For Immediate Use.


Watmat is a quick setting mortar, factory mixed with special cements, silica and additives. It is ready for use for leveling newly constructed manholes and urgent repairs to factory floors.



  • For emergency repairs and resetting manhole covers on streets, public roads and concrete factory floors.
  • Traffic can pass over the repair within two hours of application.
  • Just mix with water.
  • The addition of Maxcryl to the mixing liquid produces an even stronger mixture.
  • It adheres well to the substrate and its grey colour blends in with the concrete.
  • It is non-toxic and odourless which makes Watmat an ideal product for areas with little ventilation.
  • Waterproof. Very low water absorption.


How To Use

Surface preparation: The concrete substrate should be free from all loose particles, dirt, grease, oil or other contaminants. To achieve this, the surface should be bush hammered or grit blasted so as to expose good clean sound concrete.

Application and mixing:

For vertical patching and repair work Watmat can be mixed with clean water and trowel applied. However, for a high performance finish and floor treatments, the inclusion of Maxcryl into the mixing water at a rate of 1 part Maxcryl to 3 parts water is necessary.


Once mixed to a mortar consistency, Watmat can take from 5 to 20 minutes to set, according to the climatic and surface temperatures. Trials should be carried out to establish that whatever quantities you mix can be applied before the material starts to set.

Mixing: Mix the required amount of Watmat with clean water. As a guide, 25 Kgs. of Watmat require between 4.3 and 4.6 litres of water.

Technical Data Characteristics:

Application: Mix the required amount of Watmat, place it around the perimeter of the hole, place the levelling tool on top and inside.

After twenty minutes the manhole cover can be put on, finishing with the final asphalt coat.


  • Do not apply at temperatures below 5o C or on freezing surfaces.
  • Do not re-use previously mixed amounts of WATMAT.
  • Use only clean water.
  • Do not mix WATMAT with other products.
  • Do not re-temper.


35 Kg Kit in drums.


6 months in bags, 12 months in drums, in its original packaging in a dry covered place, protected from humidity and frost.


Watmat is abrasive and during preparation protective rubber gloves should be worn, If any splashes into the eyes, clean with water thoroughly, do not rub. If irritation continues seek medical advice.


The information contained in this leaflet is based on our experience and technical knowledge, obtained through laboratory testing and from bibliographic material. Drlzoro reserves the right to introduce changes without prior price. Any use of this data beyond the purposes expressly specified in the leaflet will not be the Company ́s responsibility unless authorised by us. The data shown on consumptions, measurement and yields are a guide only and based on our experience. This data is subject to variation due to the specific atmospheric and jobsite conditions so reasonable variations from the data may be experienced. In order to obtain real data, a test on the jobsite must be carried out and is the clients responsibility. We shall not accept responsibility exceeding the value of the purchased product. For any other reservations, consult our Technical Department.