SealTuff – Coating for LIfe

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SealTuff – Cementitious MultiSurface WaterProofing Protective Coating Solution  – Coating for Life with unmatched benefits for

Marine Industries

Building Industries

Container Industries

Sealtuff is highly beneficial for the Building, Container, and Marine Industries. The product and its simple application procedure has been created to make waterproofing a fast and easy procedure that also adds significant value to your property assets and products.

As Sealtuff coating solutions have exceptional adhesive properties they provide a very simple user friendly cost effective way to protect your surfaces for years to come. Our newly formulated product eliminates the need for complex applications and pricey maintenance of concrete, wood, gypsum, metal or paved walk/drive ways.

Sealtuff consists of two parts. A dry cement base and a unique flexible Latex binder. Our environmentally friendly coating solution is low in VOC and helps to increase the life span of your property/projects and products.

Sealtuff is available in grey and white and can be coloured during the preparation/ mixing process with pigment or latex colours for cement. A shiny or glossy finish can also be achieved by using a final concrete sealer. For large surfaces we recommend the use of spray guns but for smaller surfaces you can use roller or brush application.

Sealtuff can also be textured with a texture rollers, sponge and application techniques.

Sealtuff will speed up your workflow saving you time and money by drying in just 30 – 40 minutes ready for the next coat or next work step.

Sealtuff can be applied directly to:
  • cement/concrete
  • FRC
  • gypsum
  • stone/bitumen
  • slate
  • wood
  • shingles
  • corrugated metal/steel
  • acrylic
  • fibre glass

Product Benefits and Features

100% waterproof
cost efficient
easy to apply
✓ quick drying time
✓ low VOC
✓ reduces noise
prevents mold
oil & salt (water) resistant

✓ reflects heat/cold
✓ hardens existing surfaces
indoor/outdoor use
✓ nonflammable
wind & hail proof
✓ anti slip
✓ ductile up to 15 degrees
multi-surface application

SealTuff-Marine-Industries-energy-efficientSealTuff-Line-Marking-Industries-antislip SealTuff-Line-Marking-Industries-energy-efficient