SealTuff Application


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Specification | MSDS Part A | MSDS Part B

STEP 1: What you need
Work tools, cleaning tools and safety gear.

STEP 2: Clean Surface
The surface must be clean and dry and free of debris. No dust or sand. Clean the application area e.g. prior to application with a high pressure washer.

STEP 3: Mixing
Mix the parts for a minimum of four minutes (4 min) to assure the proper bonding of the liquid and powder mix (Part A and B) to assure the right product features.

STEP 4: Type of Application
ROLL Use rollers as per specification.
SPRAY Use a spray gun system such as the e.g. GRACO
2000 for best results.
BRUSH Standard corse hair brush or broom.

STEP 5: Tool Cleaning
Always clean the tools in water right after usage. This prevents depositions which might lead to unwanted results when using the tools again.
When using a spray gun, the container must be 100% clean in order to prevent clogging of the nozzle.